Rupert Rocket
Along The

Mighty Fraser
Art from the train with no name

Uncontrolled Crossings, written on-board the Rocket and performed at the Canadian writers festival.
Dead wood
-live wood
The coming and the going
   That's the forest

Life -seen
The birthing and the dying
   That's the forest

And the trains, day by day
In the wind and the rain
Travels by-with a hoot and shuffle
witnessing the changes
     In the forest
First day of Summer
sadly the A/C won't work
Next time I think- Drive

The Rupert Rocket it takes you far-From Prince Rupert to lovely Jasper,
The scenery is varied and hard to beat especially where the Fraser and Nechako meet
You'll see the mountains and snow-capped peaks,all from the comfort of a window seat
Watch for the wildlife throughout the day. I saw a Black Bear and a Cub at play.
The Bald Eagle soars in the Pines so green, Trees galore more than I've ever seen.
I love the Train whistle singing it's song, letting folks know we're coming along.
We have the Rocketman on board with his friendly smiles keeping us fed along the miles.
We'll be sad when this train journey ends but memories We'll share with our friends.
                          We'll Aye come back an' see Ye, Lang may your Lum Reek. Mary R 6-2012

I Want To See A Bear

I want to see a bear!
A cuddly wuddly bear.
I’m looking high, I’m looking low
Where he’s hiding I do not know

I want to see a bear!
About nothing else I care
Don’t care for eagle
Don’t care for moose
Forget the vista and caboose
All I’ll ever want, I swear is
To see that wild native bear

Now 6 hours gone on the Skeena train
Has to be someone to blame
Show me the bear!
Wait.  Look.  Look there!
Shining nose, fuzzy brown hair
Just a flash. Gone in a dash
It’s a bear, It’s a bear, It’s a bear!

                              M. Pearce


From Terrace to Jasper we travelled by train
Why would we do that?
Of course we were going to see mountains and moose
But the main reason was the staff- John & Bruce

Expert commentary on tunnels and bridges,
Wildlife and mountains with spectacular ridges
And if you are someone who likes to take part
They'll give you a chance to create some fine art

A brown paper bag, some crayons , a pen
If you think that sounds bad
You should look again
Some of these pictures, you really should see 'em
They'd look right at home at a show or museum

The train with no name is your home for the day
A diesel electric guiding the way
The dome car down back lets you look at the sky
Through an awesome glass roof, designed by some guy
Back in the 50's, a decade long past
A design for all time that's certain to last

So if by chance you are touring B.C.
Then listen up now and take it from me
When making the trip from west to the east
The dome cars the place for a visual feast

                              C Maskiell Australia June 2012 


September 2011

Skeena Train-
A secret kept.

Eagles, Their nests,
Black Bears sitting.

Hidden away watching.

Bruce and Ron,
Witty, Knowledgeable,
Hard working.

The train a cocoon.
Man vying with nature.

Rugged Landscapes,
gentle farmland,
Freight hurrying by.

The end of Autumn.
Flashes of yellow as we
Travel on .


Ancient peaks  soaked in mist
Twisted waterfalls  plummet deep
Totem poles  Hallowed earth
Dead man’s Island  Spirits weep

Sparkling rivers  Salmon’s pleasure
Fishermen knee deep  take their measure
Carpet pastures  Plump hay bails
Quaint villages  beside the rails

Soaring eagles  Hidden antlers
Padded paws  seldom seen
Old tribe’s wisdom  Prevailing legends
Crumbling ports  Enterprise demeaned

Privileged tourists  ride the Skeena
Skims along  the iron path
Soaking in  the past and present
Hoping...  it will always last

    Such is  B.C. Canada

            Marlene Pearce
                Sept 19 2011
         Wildlife in Canada

Whale oh whale where art thou,
We seek them here and seek
them now,
A water spout off the bow,
We nearly did see them
and ask how.

A moose, a moose is on the loose,
followed by a Canada goose,
From this what can we dedoose,
Vamoose, vamoose, they have
found their Loose.

Cougar, Bear can't find their lair,
Into the wilderness shall we dare,
how much time can we spare
Can we find this ellusive pair.
Oh eagle, oh eagle up in the sky,
Show us the way to find
our prey.
I once took a trip
  on a train.
Through weather
  both sunshine and
the via rail guys-
both brainy and wise
inspired this loquacious


Some say train travel is obsolete
  I say train travel is really neat!

  The crew who run the train is grand
Providing great service across the land

    But best of all this special crew
looks after everything for me and you

So you can relax and enjoy the ride
     with barely a bump felt inside

The challenge of  luggage is met with a smile
       all securly stowed to last the miles

        And when delays slow our arrival
a complimentary beverage ensures our survival!

     The atmosphere is relaxed and real
Passengers talk about the things they feel

Memories and experiences are shared by those
    traveling together, sitting row by row.

   We visit, we play, we quietly look
we follow the journey or read a book.

  No matter our style for travel by train
the attraction for many felt again and again.

Meeting others from all over-such an opportunity
        It's great to thank that --- rail
makes friends of travelers without fail

                               Donna  G~T

Metal and glass cutting through
Tranquil bush punctuated by
mellow mountains

Soaring eagle, eyes scanning
The mighty Skeena in search
of unsuspecting fish

Water,  Angry,  Swirling
Devouring the canyon below

Onward, Upward,  Tracking
Engine straining towards
It's goal

This then is Canada !



Swaying back and forth
Being rocked to sleep
Endless miles of green tunnel
yet to go
Chattering of travelers meeting
pausing for such a breif
moment in time
Deer startling to the delight of eyes so eager
to see
Natures wonder on their
Gentle chugging of the
engine pulling it's cargo
to journey's end

           Kelsey Bartha  6/2010


Cruising  down the railway track
Going to and coming back

Don't miss the trip
   what ere you do

Because forever you will rue
The trip you missed in all it's glory

The chance to film this
   scenic story.


June Spines by Meagan S-W

Spine of granite
backbone to
ancient ways of knowing,
stone pushed from
the centre of the Earth,
crowns of snow capped regalia
and garments of greenery
stone hands cup flowing waters
in bowls and troughs
for all creatures
to feast upon.

Spine of steel

backbone for
a century of transport
for commerce and trade
in the manner of
European ancestors
miles of testament to
human braun and brain,
wonder of engineering
carving straight lines
and level ground
through the wilderness.

And it is as a passenger

on one spine
that I observe the others ;
it is a meeting
of two worlds ,
the modern and the ancient
sometimes in conflict
sometimes in harmony
this Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway
as he cuts through
these majestic lands
where the bald eagle
carries the ocean mists
to the black bear
of the mountain ,
connecting geography
in other forms
as we grind along ,
steel on steel ,
diesel and a
conductor's whistle
announcing our arrival
as passengers and spectators
to these parallel spines.


April on the Skeena
                                           Day 1 : Through the Rockies
Skiff of snow
thrown against the dome.
 Old winter!
     yet to go, yet to go
                                                    Tattered worn cover
                                                    torn by sun warmed stones,
                                                    Cold snowbanks
                                                          yet to go , yet to go
Tree grizzled ridges,
folds drizzled with ice,
Thick snow-pack
      yet to go , yet to go
                                                      Cerulean washes on
                                                      serpentine ribbons
                                                      rounding rocks.
                                                      River ice
                                                           yet to flow, yet to flow
Airy firs
spines of spruce, brown cones
  -spring's promise
Break bud scales
     yet to grow , yet to grow

                                             Day 2 Highlands to Coastal Range
Far flat pans of lake ice
Clear waters-swan sprinkled
Landscape relaxes , highland
Vistas unfold.
       Time goes slow
                                                         Sloped shoulders on mountains
                                                         High spruce mark dark cut lines
                                                         Patches of poplar and
                                                         Beetle-killed pine
                                                                 Time goes slow
Deep gorges , old tunnels
Silver rivers flow free
Grey beaches , small cobble
Riffles with rolls
      Wheels go slow
                                                        Green flash of cottonwoods,
                                                        fresh catkins on alders
                                                        Moss fuzz climbing old trunks
                                                        Bright cedar fringes
                                                                  Time to grow!


The art show/contest was started with no company support, to entertain passengers. Still no support but they do let me use their garbage bags for canvas.  I started with three coloured crayons but have since invested in more varied tools including pencils, felt pens, water colour and acrylic  paints out of my own pocket.

 Passengers and crew alike have fun with the diversion.  Some people said they couldn't draw so poetry was suggested and that has taken off as well.
Here is some original music by Sam Sheppard rewritten on the Rocket and performed live.
This work, from the Dunster ladies came with a promise of prizes for the show, and unlike the corporation they came through with a bag of significant locally produced items, thanks girls. I will provide updates as they are distributed.
Ramada Hotel Prince George where the crew stays
John Steel Rail Tours, knowledgeable rail bookings
Whistle Stop Gallery, McBride local Robson valley art
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Prince George tourism info
Smithers tourism
Prince Rupert tourist info
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