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This Charcoal sketch was one of the first with the charcoal I had invested in.  It was included in the company employee newsletter although they claimed it was done with the red, green and blue company crayons, oh well better a mention than not. I did not get to see the actual letter only the excerpt included in the newsletter, sadly a common occurrence. Thanks to GA from Tumlber Ridge for the kind words.
  The wolf by Carol Theo did spring flowers.    And some railway themes..   This one by Vedrana was one of the originals.

This window art sadly only lasted a day as an overzealous cleaner took it down, thanks to Richard from England for the effort.
The lion was creative with the 3d effect, those girls also did face painting for the kids. Then the horses versus the horsepower, interesting, and a study of spring colours done with pr-loaded watercoulour brushes labeled dessert colours quite a challenge for Allison. 
Anna from California did this one in watercolour as well as a charcoal, pastel and multimedia seen on the art show page during a four day trip to Rupert and back. Amazing work, thanks Anna.
Skeena vs the elk shows the old name before it was taken away, also done in the original three colours with the addition of a black hotel pen. This one is dated 8/28/2008.  The travelers has always attracted quite a bit of attention, justifyably. One of the original charcoal sketches on the old bleached bags, since replaced with the brown paper.
Caroline from Germany did this Ogopogo after doing a Nessie the day earlier, also the Moose with lips seen above.  This water colour was the first done with pre-loaded brushes I liked them so much I invested in some for the program. Kayla from Dunster was one of the first to use the newly acquired felt pens and nicely done to.

This one from "The Hudson Bay" train on the window added colour to a spring day in Northern Manitoba.
Jeremy Pahl doing a song on one of the regulars along the line.
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